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Avoid costly project delays, poor communication and lost information.

Unified actionable insights,

with a single login

Perlo unifies all of your project data and gives you an overview across all information and prioritisation, in addition to critical industry data comparisons. Your project statuses and actionable insights will no longer be fragmented across your different digital tools.

All of your projects

in one, single list

No matter how scattered your projects are across different digital tools, Perlo neatly arranges your different projects and required actions in a single channel. You no longer have to search for specific projects, buildings or units across various digital tools.

With more digital tools, comes more information that needs to be transferred manually. Perlo connects your tools for you and automates information transfers, allowing you to focus on your priorities.

Keep using your current tools - we'll connect the rest

The project risk assistant
for property developers

We help project managers in real estate development 

increase productivity, reduce emissions and eliminate cost overruns.

Through Perlo you have direct access to all the relevant people that need to be communicated with, regardless of the communication platforms they use.

Save time, simplify 


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